Here is the real breakdown…….. If you have 3 loads of laundry it is typically 25lbs on average. Here is your cost breakdown; 3 washes x $3.50 = $10.50 3 loads in the dryer at 0.25/6min = 3.00 3 Soap and Softeners @ $1.00ea = 3.00 Total Self Serve = $16.50 + 3 hours of your valuable time Now here is where the time value of money becomes so important…… Wash and Fold Svc= 25/lbs @ 1.35/lb = $33.75 + 0 hrs of time That’s a difference of $17.25.

Wow. Sounds like a lot more right?

Well……now divide that difference by 3 hours it would take to complete. That breaks out to $5.75/hr. Now ask yourself. Is your time worth $5.75 an hour? Think you can do something more valuable for the cost of $5.75/hr? I am pretty sure you could find something better to do.

That’s the time value for your money that you get using laundry service. Buying your time back to do other things that enhance your life rather than saying simply maintain it.

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