Commercial Laundry Services
hotel front desk hospitality

Laundry for chef coats, uniforms, towels, bar rags, linens, bedding, and other items for small to medium sized motels, hotels, inn's, Airb&b, VRBOs, restaurants, pubs, and more.

smiling girl in a dentists chair
Dental Practices

We can help you comply with OSHA, ADA, CDC, and DPH laundry service requirements and standards for your dental practice.

Happy and smiling medical staff

Our goal is to keep your medical, chiropractic, SNF's, Assisted Living, and other healthcare facilities safe, and compliant for you while being healthy for your patients.

Beauty Salon Professional working
Personal Care Services

We have solutions for small to medium sized salons, barbers, spas, skin care/esthetic boutiques, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and more.


Why Spin Cycle Laundromats?

Trusted partners.

At Spin Cycle Laundromats you can expect a high quality commercial laundry service. We are a flexible and fair business partner that always has you in mind. As a result we will allow you to take great care of your customers, clients, patients, residents, and staff. We are locally owned and family-operated. Since the first day we opened we've had a passion for accuracy and an eye on the details.

Excellent value.

Working on site or off, we can help determine how to meet your specific needs and work to be within your budget. For example, doing business with us is easy as a result of our flexible monthly or bi-weekly billing options and NET payment terms. We accept your business credit cards and checks. Our easy to read emailed invoice will make reconciliation time a snap, therefore saving your time and your money.

Reliable service.

As a direct provider there is absolutely no middleman when working with us. Our experienced laundry team completes the wash and fold work in our own facilities with our own machines. We have 3 facilities to maintain redundancy in our production and, as a result can quickly move to another site to insure you will never experience an interruption in service. More importantly, we do not use sub-contractors or seasonal employees. This insures we can meet the the highest standards of quality control and consistency so we can deliver to you on time and on budget.

A diverse clientele.

At Spin Cycle we have experience with all types of business laundry needs and arrangements. We are a Massachusetts Aging Service Access Point contracted provider, a wholesale contract provider for resale laundry services, & a direct consumer provider. As a result we have the knowledge and understand the challenges of working with many types of consumers both directly and indirectly. We currently have medical clients with dental practices, chiropractic practices, and home healthcare providers. While we also serve our own retail home delivery and drop service customers. Our personal providers include countless salons, veterinary practices, skin care, and many others. We look forward to serving your business needs.