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Spin Cycle Laundromats is an independent, locally and family-owned small health care laundry service provider on the North Shore of Boston. We offer excellent quality and reliable service with built-in redundancies in multiple facilities. We specialize in laundry service for customer-owned uniforms, lab jackets, scrubs and other items for small to medium sized medical, dental, chiropractic, home healthcare, and other types of providers.

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According to the U.S. C.D.C. and O.S.H.A.....

❝If health-care facilities require the use of uniforms, they should either make provisions to launder them or provide information to the employee regarding infection control and cleaning guidelines for the item based on the tasks being performed at the facility. Health-care facilities should address the need to provide this service and should determine the frequency for laundering these items. In a recent study examining the microbial contamination of medical students’ white coats, the students perceived the coats as “clean” as long as the garments were not visibly contaminated with body substances, even after wearing the coats for several weeks.1255 The heaviest bacterial load was found on the sleeves and the pockets of these garments; the organisms most frequently isolated were Staphylococcus aureus, diphtheroids, and Acinetobacter spp.1255 Presumably, the sleeves of the coat may make contact with a patient and potentially serve to transfer environmentally stable microorganisms among patients. In this study, however, surveillance was not conducted among patients to detect new infections or colonizations. The students did, however, report that they would likely replace their coats more frequently and regularly if clean coats were provided.1255 Apart from this study, which documents the presence of pathogenic bacteria on health-care facility clothing, reports of infections attributed to either the contact with such apparel or with home laundering have been rare. 1256, 1257.❞

With our attention to detail, dedicated full-time laundry team, technology employed, and customized service flexibility, our goal is not to meet but rather exceed the needs and expectations of our independent practice customers.

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