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Responsible decisions today for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.

What are we doing today?

Since opening in 2016 we have made major investments of time and capital to be a responsible corporate neighbor. We are proud of these changes and initiatives and look forward to continuing on our path to sustainability.

Here are some of our efforts:
● Purchased high efficiency gas dryers and low water consumption washers at our Methuen location
● Ongoing upgrades at ALL locations to LED lighting
● Purchased high efficiency gas dryers for our Lowell location in 2017
● Replaced inefficient and high water consumption machines at our Wakefield location
● Sign power purchase agreement to buy solar power for eligible locations in 2018
● Conducted an audit of ALL utilities with Global Energy LLC
● Changed over our delivery fleet to more fuel efficient/hybrid vehicles in 2017-18
● Implemented an internal recycling plan for all plastic and cardboard recyclable waste in 2017
● Provided recycling barrels to collect customer recyclable materials in ALL locations in 2017


Tomorrow & beyond...

We continue to review and revise best practices all the time. Our goals are to continue the long term plan of achieving sustainability, cost savings, and high efficiency for all of our stakeholders. The coming years are going to be exciting as we continue our Green Initiatives program and other efforts, work on more sustainable packaging options while maintaining a high quality standard, and as a result being a good corporate neighbor for the communities we serve.

We will also continue our preventative maintenance programs on machines to achieve the operating efficiency, maintain safety standards, and lower consumption of gas and electricity. Our revolving review of our laundry equipment, facilities, heating and cooling, and other vital equipment as part of our capital improvement planning is to insure we are good stewards of the resources we use.

Spin Cycle Laundromats commits to holding ourselves to the highest standard to avoid complacency in our programs and initiatives and implementation.