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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
You've got questions. We've got answers.

Here are the most common questions we get from our awesome customers....

Q: What type of soaps do you use for wash dry fold service?
A: We use Tide® powder for all laundry loads.
Q. Do you offer sensitive detergent for people with allergies?
A: Absolutely! And we don’t charge any extra for it.
Q: Do you use fabric softener?
A: Yes, on every load both regular and sensitive softener by request.
Q. Can you use my own detergent that I bring in?
A: Sure! Bring in something special you like to use and we can wash with that.
Q: How do you get those handles on the pickup bags?
A: AHH, yes. That one we are keeping under our hat. But stop by and one of our team members can show you how we do it live.
Q. Do you offer home delivery service?
A: You bet we do!
Q. How do you wash comforters?
A: We use Tide® detergent (or All® Sensitive by request) and we make sure to add 3-5 golf balls into the dryer to really fluff it up.
Q. Why are comforters not weighed and more expensive?
A: A very fair question. They require larger machines to wash, and take a ton of time to dry so they cost a lot more than a regular load of laundry. Plus we have to rotate them in the dryer and add golf balls so there is more labor to get that fluffy awesomeness ready for you to snuggle up in.
Q. How do you keep my clothes from wrinkling?
A: We take your clothes out of the dryer as soon as it stops (pre-fold). Then hang everything neatly or fold it right away. No wrinkles, no ironing needed.
Q. Do you wash my clothes with other people’s clothes?
A: Ewww. No! Your clothes are separated by colors as needed but your items are always only washed with your own items. We don’t mix clothes or orders.
Q. Can you wash my sheets and towels?
A: Does a bear sleep in the woods? Just kidding. Of course we can. We will get your towels and sheets looking and smelling perfect (even the dreaded fitted sheet). Yes, we know how fold those the right way.
Q. Do you offer dry cleaning?
A: We don't unfortunately.
Q. Is Wash Dry & Fold expensive?
A: That depends. How much is your time worth? If you have a few extra dollars per month this is the best way to buy your time back. No fibs, it does cost a little more than self-service but without the hassle of sitting around, waiting, folding, etc.
Q. Do you have larger machines?
A: You betcha! We offer 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, and even 60lb washers (varies by location).
Q: Do you have a TV or WiFi available?
A: Of course! We offer both at all Spin Cycle Laundromats locations FREE!
Q: Can I charge my phone while I do laundry?
A: We’ll keep you connected. We have charging stations available at our locations that can handle up to 4 customer phones at once.
Q. Where do my socks go when they disappear in my home dryer?
A: Our best guess is that they go into a parallel dimension.

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